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Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Program

Patient Case Conferences

Through a process called case conference, our multidisciplinary team of physicians discuss each patient’s condition and together determine the best treatment option for the patient.

Once you contact the nursing coordinator, we gather all meaningful medical records, scans, and any other diagnostic tests that have been used to that point in your clinical workup. You will then be scheduled with different physicians depending on the diagnosis. You could also be scheduled for additional tests such as MRI, CT, neuro-angiography, laboratory studies, and hearing or visual field testing that will allow our team to provide you with the best possible information on options to treat your brain disorder.

These results will be sent to the specialist to be used during the evaluation appointment for you. You may possibly be evaluated by neurosurgery, ENT, radiation oncology, neuro-interventional radiology, neuro-ophthamology, neuro-psychology, or endocrinology depending upon your presenting diagnosis and test results. At the end of the evaluation day, all of the specialists who have seen you will meet to discuss the best treatment option. You will then be notified by the MIBS Team as to the outcome of the case conference recommendations and how the physicians would like to proceed. If you wish to proceed with the recommended treatments we will expedite scheduling of the procedure.

To learn more about our case conferences or to see if you are a candidate, call (407) 303-7944 or Contact Us online.