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Kidney Transplant Program

Kidney Transplant Program

At the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute, our experts offer patients a unique single-incision minimally invasive surgical procedure for living donor kidney transplants.  A single incision is made through the belly button to perform the transplant.  Minimally invasive procedures typically result in shorter recovery times, less/no scarring and less risk of complication.  Florida Hospital’s program is only the second one in the world to utilize this beneficial and innovative procedure.

Our results speak for themselves. The Florida Hospital Transplant Institute’s kidney transplant survival rates are in the top two in the state. Nearly 99 percent of our kidney transplant patients survive a year after surgery, compared to the national average of 96.9 percent. More than 93 percent of our kidney transplant patients survive at least three years, which again is better than the national average. The same holds true for our transplant graft survival rates.

Our specialized transplant team is there for patients after surgery, as well. In fact, they have specific training and expertise in post-surgery care, which is a big reason for our transplant program’s success. Our goal is to help guide patients through the recovery process and get them back to their lives, doing what they love.

If you have any questions about the Florida Hospital Kidney Transplant Program, give us a call today at (407) 303-2474.