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Florida Hospital Transplant Institute

Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program

A kidney/pancreas transplant surgery is one procedure in which both organs are transplanted at the same time. The donor organs are provided by a single donor. They replace the kidney and pancreas in a patient whom is experiencing kidney failure as a result of Type I diabetes. (Individuals with Type II diabetes are not currently seen as appropriate kidney/pancreas transplant patients.)

Florida Hospital founded its Pancreas Transplant Program in 2007, and, since then, they have performed more than 35 pancreas transplants. That experience and expertise shows in our outcomes. The one-year survival rate for kidney/pancreas transplant patients at Florida Hospital is 100 percent, compared to the national average of 96.7 percent. At 91 percent, our three-year survival rate is right in line with national averages as well. In addition, patients undergoing a kidney/pancreas transplant graft procedure also have outcomes that exceed the national average, with a 93 percent one-year survival rate and an 82 percent three-year survival rate.

Not only do we offer the compassionate, patient-centered environment that has become Florida Hospital’s trademark over the last century of service, but we also feature a dedicated, specially trained transplant unit that helps patients after surgery. Our goal is to guide patients throughout the recovery process and provide whole-person care, healing the mind, body and spirit.

Patients with Type I diabetes who are interested in a kidney/pancreas transplant will need to complete the same application and undergo the same evaluation process as our kidney transplant patients. The main difference will be in the physical evaluation. The physicians at the Florida Hospital Transplant Institute will carefully examine you and your medical records to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for kidney/pancreas transplantation.

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