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Joint Replacement: Total Hip Arthroplasty

A painful hip can make it hard to enjoy an active lifestyle.  Finding pain relief can become a priority.  There are many treatment options available, and finding the best option for you is important.

First, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your pain so that you can receive proper treatment.  The Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando specializes in evaluating and diagnosing joint problems. Several surgical treatment options are offered for wear and tear of the hip joint (osteoarthritis) including traditional hip replacement, anterior hip replacement and MAKOplasy robotic assisted hip replacement.

Hip replacement surgery, also known as Total Hip Arthroplasty (ARTH-row-plas-tee), can help relieve pain and restore function in severely diseased hip joints. Surgery may become a choice for you if one or both of your hip joints have become damaged due to wear and tear (osteoarthritis), previous injury or deformity that causes persistent pain or problems with everyday activities. Surgery is usually considered after all other options, such as physical therapy and medications, have been exhausted and are no longer controlling pain or aiding in mobility.

A total hip replacement involves the surgical removal of the entire hip joint and replacement with an artificial joint called a prosthesis. When only a part of the hip joint is replaced it is called a hemi-arthroplasty. The design of the implanted joint offers you improved stability and function. Hip replacement will relieve pain, help with hip joint mobility and restore normal walking as well as other movements. Hip replacement surgery and rehabilitation have the ability to offer an improved quality of life.