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Joint Program

The Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando (FHOIO) offers a comprehensive, specialized continuum of care for conditions associated with the body’s joints. We treat conditions an injuries affecting the shoulder joints, hip and knee joints, and joints of the elbows. In fact, shoulder joint replacements and reconstructions are among the FHOIO’s most common surgical procedures.

Led by medical director J. Dean Cole, MD, the surgical specialists at the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando pride themselves on taking a minimally invasive approach, designed to limit complications associated with surgery, reduce the patient’s pain and scarring, and prevent future injuries. The FHOIO utilizes state-of-the-art techniques such as internal fixation for elbow injuries and conditions. The experts at the FHOIO perform minimally invasive surgeries for hip and knee joint replacement and knee realignment, which is usually recommended to treat early arthritis of the knee.

In addition, for hip replacement and knee resurfacing, we use MAKOplasty, a cutting-edge technique that offers extraordinary precision and provides surgeons with real-time visual, tactile and auditory information. For our patients, this means better surgical outcomes, less implant wear, the sparing of natural bone and less scarring, as well as a quicker recovery.

With each and every case, our multidisciplinary team carefully evaluates each patient to determine the best course of action. Not every patient will qualify for surgery, but for those who do, they can be assured that at Florida Hospital Orlando, only skilled, experienced surgeons will perform the procedure.

If you have questions about what the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando can do for your shoulder, hip and knee, or elbow joint condition, please contact us or please visit the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando website today.