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Hand Program

The central, driving mission of the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando is to provide our neighbors with the best care possible for all types of orthopedic conditions. To do so, we offer our patients access to world-renowned physicians and specialists who are at the forefront of their profession. J. Dean Cole, MD, is the Center’s medical director. In addition to pioneering innovations for fracture care and other orthopedic conditions, J. Dean Cole, MD has handpicked his specialized surgical team, which stands ready to help our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

J. Dean Cole, MD and his team are experts in the treatment of a number of orthopedic and fracture-related conditions, including injuries to the hand. At the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando, we perform surgeries for conditions of the hand including lacerations, fractures, damaged tendons, nonunions (i.e., when bones don’t heal correctly after a break) and malunions (i.e., incompletely healed fractures).

For more information on how J. Dean Cole, MD and his team may be able to help you with a hand injury, please contact us today.