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Neuroscience (Neurology)

Gamma Knife Program

Florida Hospital Orlando is the only facility in the region that offers Gamma Knife radiosurgery, the gold standard in non-invasive brain surgery. In fact, the Gamma Knife isn’t really a knife at all. Instead, it’s a technique that uses powerful doses of focused radiation to target and treat diseased brain tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue intact.

The experts at the Florida Hospital Neuroscience Institute use the Gamma Knife procedure to operate on brain lesions that, in the past, might have been considered inoperable. It offers new hope for patients battling brain tumors, vascular malformations and functional disorders such as trigeminal neuralgia.

We use the Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™, a device that emits finely focused beams of gamma radiation and offers unparalleled accuracy and precision. This allows us to treat patients in a noninvasive way without the risks or side effects associated with traditional surgical techniques. This advanced technology requires neither anesthesia nor an incision, and usually costs less than conventional brain surgery. Even better, most patients are able to resume their normal activities the same day.

Since the Florida Hospital Gamma Knife Center opened in 1996, we’ve treated thousands of patients with various types of brain lesions, so our patients know they’re in qualified, experienced hands.

This procedure, which usually takes about two hours, is most commonly used for: patients who have an unacceptable risk for anesthesia and open microsurgery; cases where a traditional microsurgical approach could produce significant neurological damage; patients with a recurrent or persistent tumor; patients who cannot safely receive further conventional radiation treatment; or cases in which a non-invasive treatment for a lesion is preferred. The multidisciplinary team at the Florida Hospital Gamma Knife Center—neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-ontologists, neuro-oncologists and interventional neuroradiologists—reviews cases weekly and develops a comprehensive care plan for each patient.

If you would like to learn more about the Gamma Knife procedure and whether it is right for you, give our dedicated care coordinator a call today at (407) 303-7944 or contact us online.