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Fracture Care Program

Tibia Fractures

At the Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando, the orthopedic specialist team regularly performs surgery involving the ankle joint’s two bones, the tibia and the fibula syndesmosis. The tibia has a very high risk of soft tissue damage and related slower bone healing. However, the FHOIO’s treatment may provide stable fixation, with far less damage to soft tissues.

Much of the Institute’s success in ankle fracture surgery is due to the utilization of J. Dean Cole, MD’s groundbreaking “fibula intramedullary nail.” With this procedure, J. Dean Cole, MD and his surgical colleagues utilize a specially designed cable mechanism. This cable imparts a stable, secure method to repair the separation of the two bones in the ankle joint with minimal invasion. Typically, orthopedic procedures for ankle fractures may also require additional surgery to remove any hardware, such as fixed screws. However, J. Dean Cole, MD’s cable mechanism eliminates the need for any additional surgeries.

Of course, patients may have more severe fractures; they may also develop arthritis-related pain and deformities. In these cases, the ankle may not be able to be repaired, and will require an ankle fusion (“tibiotalar arthrodesis”) procedure. This involves modifying the positions of both the ankle and foot in order to improve the foot’s mechanics. Generally, 30–40 percent of the up-and-down movements of the foot’s joints are restored through this procedure, even as side-to-side movement is left unaffected.

Employing his own unique, successful approach, J. Dean Cole, MD and his colleagues can ensure successful surgical outcomes for ankle fusion surgery. Once the procedure is complete, and assuming no other orthopedic problems exist, patients can walk with a minimal limp when using shoes. The FHOIO’s surgeons may also perform additional bone grafts, which may improve the delayed healing that is common with ankle fusions. In addition, the fears associated with ankle fusions—e.g., having stiff feet or uneven limbs—are generally unwarranted.

The Florida Hospital Orthopaedic Institute Orlando team is available to treat dislocation fractures or any type of foot-related injury or condition. For prompt diagnosis and treatment, please contact us today .