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Campus Mission

Campus Mission

We strive to be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees alike and are dedicated to improving lives not only in Central Florida, but also around the world. As a destination hospital, we are committed to serving the healthcare needs of patients and visitors with a whole person approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. Our unique brand of care is sought by people the world over. And because our reputation extends well beyond Florida’s verdant landscape, we’ve attracted some of the world’s most brilliant doctors, surgeons and medical specialists to join our diverse staff.

For more than 100 years, our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ has been the bedrock of the care we provide. In keeping with our mission, our approach to whole person wellness centers on the philosophy of CREATION Health. Each letter in the word CREATION stands as an important aspect of overall health and healing:


Choice is the first step toward improved health because people who believe they are in control over their own lives are healthier and live longer.


Rest is good sleep and also taking time to relax.  Relaxation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.


Environment is our external world but also affects what happens within us for the better or worse.


Activity includes physical and mental conditioning.  Our goal is to be active in mind, body and spirit.


Trust in God speaks to the relationship between spirituality and healing.  A link exists between faith and wellness.

Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships strengthen our wellbeing.  Social connection fortifies our resolve and improves our health.


Outlook creates our reality.  Our mind influences our body and our attitude impacts our health.


Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system.  Small improvements and strategic substitutions produce profound results.