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Oral Cavity Cancer

Survivability of Oral Cavity Cancer

The prognosis and treatment for patients with a cancer diagnosis varies greatly. The survivability of oral cavity cancer also varies depending on these factors:

  • Stage of cancer
  • Location of the tumor on the lip/oral cavity
  • If/where the cancer has spread (blood vessels)

The prognosis for oral cavity cancer also depends on the doctor’s ability to treat the condition. The ability to treat and the type of treatment available for oral cavity cancer depends on the stage, size and location of the cancer. Also, the patient’s health and their ability to talk/eat after treatment can determine the treatment options.

Once a treatment is determined, your doctor will advise you on your prognosis. The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the better prognosis for patients.

If the cancer is successfully treated, follow-up care is important, because patients with oral cavity cancer have a higher risk of developing another kind of cancer in the head and neck.

Locations for Oral Cavity Cancer