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Oral Cavity Cancer

Statistics of Oral Cavity Cancer

To ensure you are getting the best health care available, it’s important to know as much as possible about your health. These facts and statistics on oral cavity cancer provide a basic understanding of the condition. For more information, ask your doctor.

  • Oral cavity cancer can be found in the mouth area while oropharyngeal cancer can be found in the throat and the back of the mouth
  • The American Cancer Society estimates that 35,000 cases of oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer was diagnosed in 2012
  • Oral cavity cancer includes the lips, cheek lining, tongue, top and bottom of mouth, gums, teeth and the small area behind the wisdom teeth
  • Tobacco and alcohol consumption can cause oral cavity cancer
  • Lack of vegetable and fruit consumption may cause oral cavity cancer
  • There are many types of benign oral cavity tumors
  • More than 90% of cases of oral cavity cancer are squamous cell carcinomas (originates in the lining of the cheeks and lips)
  • Treatment depends on the location, size and severity of the cancer
  • Treatment options may be different depending on the side effects of the treatment (ability to eat/drink/talk after treatment)
  • Rehabilitation may be required after surgery
  • Lip and oral cavity cancer is considered a type of head and neck cancer
  • The risk of developing a second type of head and neck cancer is higher after oral cavity cancer.

Locations for Oral Cavity Cancer