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Oral Cancer

Rehabilitation after Oral Cancer

Rehabilitation may vary from person to person depending on the type of oral cancer treatment, and the location and extent of the cancer. Rehabilitation may include:

  • Dietary counseling - Many patients recovering from oral cancer surgery have difficulty eating, so it is often recommended that they eat small meals consisting of soft, moist foods.
  • Surgery - Some patients may benefit from reconstructive or plastic surgery to restore the bones or tissues of the mouth, returning a more normal appearance.
  • Prosthesis - If reconstructive or plastic surgery is not an option, patients may benefit from dental or facial-part prosthesis to restore a more normal appearance. Special training may be needed to learn to use a prosthetic device.
  • Speech Therapy - If a patient experiences difficulty in speaking following oral cancer treatment, speech therapy may help the patient relearn the process.

Locations for Oral Cancer