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Treatments for Omphalocele

Treatments for omphalocele will depend on the baby’s gestational age, the size of the omphalocele and the presence of other chromosomal abnormalities. Surgery for a smaller omphalocele, in which only part of the intestine is sticking out form the abdominal cavity, is done shortly after birth to return the organs to the abdomen and close the opening. Larger omphaloceles may require multiple surgeries done in stages: In the first stage, sterile, protective sheeting is placed over the abdominal organs; next, because the abdomen is small and underdeveloped, and may not be able to hold all the organs at once, the exposed organs will be gradually be moved back into the abdomen over the course of several days or week; finally, the abdominal wall is closed surgically. 

Locations for Omphalocele