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Obstructive Hydrocephalus

Prevention of Obstructive Hydrocephalus

While Obstructive Hydrocephalus is not an entirely preventable condition, there are ways to reduce risk, especially in newborns. 
For pregnant women, regular prenatal care is crucial and following your doctor’s recommendations for check ups. This reduces risk of premature labor, which increases risk for babies developing hydrocephalus and other complications.
Preventing possible infections through recommended vaccination and screenings and promptly treating infections and other illnesses associated with hydrocephalus may also work to reduce your risk. Preventing head injuries, which can also lead to hydrocephalus, also helps reduce the risk of developing “water on the brain.”
Vaccinating children against meningitis, a cause of hydrocephalus, is also a consideration for parents. Talk to your child’s doctor about any circumstances that may place the child at greater risk, such as:
  • The presence of terminal complement deficiency (an immune system disorder)
  • Having a damaged spleen or having had it removed
  • Traveling to locations where meningitis is common
Pediatricians at Florida Hospital work with parents to ensure their children are properly vaccinated to avoid potential illnesses and health complications later in life. Request an appointment today