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Here for Life Capital Campaign

For over 90 years, we have provided our community with compassionate, quality care, and we have been dedicated to meeting the growing healthcare needs of our community to provide you with the best possible care.

Today, area residents rely on our expertise in the moments they need it most, and they deserve a facility that provides the best healing environment possible. It is with that same dedication we are now embarking on a capital campaign to renovate our emergency department.

Renovations to our ER will:

• Expand the emergency department to serve 36,750 patients annually, with 21 private treatment rooms
• Enhance our facility with new equipment and technology
• Evolve the ER experience for our patients and their loved ones

Together we can ensure that future generations of area residents receive the care they need, right here at home, to get them back to enjoying life’s most precious moments. Together we can help save lives.


To view our Here for Life capital campaign brochure, visit click here.


Olivia Banther, Age 7
“We’re thankful to have a best-in-class ER close tous because in an emergency, you don’t get a second chance.”
— Barry Banther, Olivia’s Grandfather

At age 5, Olivia was enjoying a fun day at the pool with family when her mom, Ruth, began to notice something was not right. Olivia’s swim mask was impeding her breathing, and within moments, she was in a compromising situation. Minutes after being cleared by EMS at the pool, Olivia’s body began to shut down. Ruth drove quickly to the ER at Florida Hospital North Pinellas, where staff immediately stabilized Olivia with oxygen. At the physician’s recommendation, she was transferred to a pediatric specialty hospital for further observation. The close access and treatment provided to Olivia quickly helped her get back to the life she enjoys today: playing in the city she and her family love to call home – Tarpon Springs.

Ann Nixon, Age 73
“Ann’s chances of survival were made tremendously better by choosing Florida Hospital North Pinellas”
— Frank Nixon, Ann’s husband

Ann and her husband, Frank, were about to leave for the airport to pick up friends visiting the area when Ann suddenly began to experience severe difficulties breathing and walking. She was transported by ambulance to the ER where she was diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a life-threatening condition that causes bleeding between the brain and surrounding tissues. The ER team quickly stabilized Ann so she could safely be airlifted to an area hospital for her continued treatment. Ann went through months of rehabilitation, where she had to learn how to walk and regain her independence. The quick treatment Ann received was a critical step in her journey to recovery, and today, she is enjoying traveling, spin classes and spending quality time with her grandchildren and family.

Keith Nelson, Age 49
“The personal interactions and caring touch of the staff made a difference in my life. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”
— Keith Nelson

Keith, a Principal at a local Christian academy, was enjoying a summer road trip when he found himself noticing intense pain in his left leg, combined with fever and chills. By the time he arrived back home, and after numerous attempts for resolution at ER’s along the way, Keith was in excruciating pain, nearly unable to walk, and the infection was spreading. Keith arrived to the ER at Florida Hospital North Pinellas, and within minutes, the ER physician had diagnosed him with an antibiotic-resistant form of cellulitis. With the proper antibiotic treatment administered, Keith was able to heal without surgical intervention, and within 24 hours the infection began to diminish significantly. Today, due to the expertise of the ER staff, Keith is able to continue his passion of educating youth with a focus on Christ.

Dr. Alan Causey, Age 59
“We chose Florida Hospital North Pinellas because of the great things we heard about it through friends and loved ones. We knew it would be the best choice for Al’s care.”
— Jan Causey, Al’s wife

Dr. Alan Causey, a local pediatric ER physician, came home from a bike ride in Tarpon Springs when he began to experience pain and discomfort. He discussed his symptoms with his wife, Jan, which included pain in his left side and jaw. She immediately recognized these as common signs of a heart attack and rushed the ER at Florida Hospital North Pinellas. The ER and Cardiology teams worked together quickly to get Al in the cardiac cath lab, where staff performed a procedure to reopen his existing stent. Al felt back to normal in less than two hours, and after a couple of days of observation, was back home with his wife and dog, Gizmo. Today, due to the expertise and teamwork of the staff, Al is able to enjoy his passions of kayaking, and hiking.

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