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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

At Florida Hospital North Pinellas, our commitment to our community shines through in our Emergency Department. We offer quality, professional, comprehensive emergency services 24-hours a day, seven days a week, providing our neighbors with access to exceptional, board-certified emergency physicians when they need them most. In fact, our patient satisfaction rating is in the top 5 percent nationally. 
Our expertise is demonstrated by the elite certifications we’ve obtained. Our Emergency Department has both received a Chest Pain Center Accreditation by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care and has been designated as a Primary Stroke Center by the state of Florida. For our patients, this means that they can rest assured that, especially in cases of heart attack or stroke, we have cultivated a culture of excellence that results in better, more efficient treatment. 
To earn a Chest Pain Center Accreditation, for example, we have to meet strict criteria that focus on reducing the time from the onset of symptoms to diagnosis; quick treatment to preserve heart muscle during vulnerable periods; and accurately assessing and monitoring patients to ensure that they are neither sent home too quickly nor needlessly admitted to the hospital. In addition, we specialize in emergency intervention for myocardial infarctions (i.e., heart attacks). 
The Primary Stroke Center designation, meanwhile, indicates that we have the tools, technology and experience to quickly and accurately diagnose stroke cases and begin effective treatments that can preserve or restore function. When our Emergency Department spots a potential stroke case, our Stroke Team springs into action, helping the emergency physicians, nurses and paramedics begin the diagnosis and treatment process within 15 minutes and complete imaging tests within 25 minutes. If surgery is necessary, we have transfer agreements with neurosurgery facilities to make sure the surgery begins within two hours. 
While we are not a trauma center, we work closely with area trauma centers to facilitate the best possible care for our community. In fact, patients can be airlifted to an area trauma center from a helipad located just outside the entrance to our Emergency Department. 

Make Us Your Emergency Contact

Now more than ever, it’s important to find a healthcare partner that keeps your best interests at heart. Whether it’s care for emergency, routine health maintenance with a primary care physician, or creating a wellness plan to be your best, Florida Hospital North Pinellas is here for you.
As part of a comprehensive, full service healthcare network, we offer the latest medical technologies and clinical best practices, which mean you can expect exceptional care when you need it. In fact, we were recently honored with an award recognizing our dedication to improving patient flow at the Florida Hospital Patient Experience Conference. Combine that with high patient satisfaction scores, and it’s clear we don’t just care for you, we care about you.