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Thyroid Removal Leaves Patient Virtually Scarless

CELEBRATION, Fla., Nov. 13, 2013 – Robin Reed Hicks is a spokesperson, television personality and does voice over work.  When she found out she needed to have part of her thyroid removed to check for cancer, she worried not only about the possibility of a cancer diagnosis, but also scarring.  The traditional surgery could leave an unsightly scar across her neck so she took to the internet to find a surgeon willing to take a different approach.

“Having a scar right on the front of my neck would be detrimental to my career,” said Reed-Hicks.  “It is not uncommon for people of African American decent to have more noticeable scars; I wanted to avoid that if at all possible.”

Reed-Hicks found Dr. Scott Magnuson, head and neck surgeon at Florida Hospital Celebration Health.  He used a da Vinci robot to enter through Reed-Hicks’s under arm to remove part of her thyroid instead of the more direct access point with an incision at the neck. 

“Robin was a great candidate for this procedure, she is young and doesn’t have any shoulder or neck issues,” said Dr. Magnuson.  “Raised and prominent scars called keloids are common in the African American population.  Considering her career, it makes sense for her to be cautious about scarring.”

Just a week after surgery, Reed-Hicks was back in the recording studio recording voice overs and was in front of audiences in just two weeks.  Now it’s even hard for her to see the scar under her arm.  Plus she also received the fantastic news that she is cancer free.

According to the National Cancer Institute, thyroid cancer has been steadily growing over the past two decades.  While the disease is still relatively rare, it is three times more likely to strike women versus men. 

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