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Simpson Breast Health Center Adds New 3D Ultrasound Technology to Detect Small Cancers Earlier

Any woman who’s had a mammogram and received a call back for an ultrasound knows how stressful that can be.  But, new technology at The Simpson Breast Health Center at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills is helping doctors find cancer earlier.

The Simpson Breast Health Center recently added Aixplorer®, a state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound system that allows doctors to immediately identify cancer or diseases through a non-invasive approach.  Aixplorer’s® 3D breast ultrasound, offers Shearwave elastography technology, which gives doctors the ability to better diagnose the difficult category 3 and 4 lesions, that are difficult to detect with traditional mammography.    “Improved resolution with state of the art 3D ultrasound now provides an additional screening tool for women with dense breasts allowing us to detect small cancers before they are visible by mammography,” said Ronald C. Prati, M.D., a Board Certified Radiologist with Sunshine Radiology.  

All breast tissue is different and Aixplorer® recognizes this with five settings that adjust to accurately match the speed of sound in tissue.  This results in sharper and better identification of normal and abnormal structures in the breast. 

“Having the newest technology in The Simpson Breast Health Center is critical to accurately determine which masses are truly suspicious needing biopsy, which masses are probably benign needing short term follow up, and which are benign needing no further evaluation,” said Prati.  

For more information or to schedule an appointment with The Simpson Breast Health Center, call (813) 779-6278.

About The Simpson Breast Health Center
The Simpson Breast Health Center is the only dedicated breast health center in East Pasco County.  The center provides a broad variety of services, including diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and ongoing patient education and recovery, in a comfortable, spa-like environment.  The center offers each patient a nurse navigator who helps make the treatment process as streamlined and simple as possible.