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Mission Team returns from 21st mission trip

Florida Hospital Waterman’s mission team returned from Barahona, Dominican Republic with a renewed commitment to serve others in their local community. The 28-member mission team returned from its 19th foreign mission trip where their primary goal was to add a one-room, free-standing library to the school they helped to build during the mission trip in 2003. Multiple mission teams from across the nation have worked together on various parts of the project over the years to build and continue to expand upon the school for this community.

  “We were excited to see how the project has evolved over the years and were blessed with the opportunity to see the impact the project has had on the community,” said Pia Soule, Executive Administrative Assistant at Adventist Health System and the mission trip’s coordinator.  “More importantly, the impact that the project has made on each team member will help to benefit many different people in our local community as we work to undertake the same types of projects locally and apply the lessons learned.”

  In addition to the construction, the mission team was also involved in various community outreach activities. The mission team held four days of Vacation Bible School, each day with significant increases in attendance. The program included singing, Bible stories, CREATION Health information, crafts and interactive activities. For the women in the community, the mission team hosted daily, afternoon health seminars. Each seminar included self-esteem activities, and discussion on health topics including diabetes management, first-aid and home remedies, and positive parenting.

  “It is important for us to not only look at our mission of extending the healing ministry of Christ internally, within the hospital walls and in the community, but also anywhere that we can make an impact,” said David Ottati, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Hospital Waterman and mission trip team member.

  To learn more about the project, the community, and its impact, visit to watch the August episode of Waterman Wellness TV.