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Medical Mission Team Touches Loves in the Dominican Republic

A few of the Medical Mission Team members gather for a group picture at the end of a long day of surgeries at the clinic in Sanchez, Dominican Republic. Pictured: Participants from Medical Missionaries International, Dr. Hospital Alberto Gautreaux, and Florida Hospital team members Jorge Gonzalez MD, Ellie Hatch RN, Catherine Minor RN, Deanna Reed RN, Warren Santander (Lake Placid Hospital Administrator), and Dr. Pobi MD – Urology. 

Florida Hospital Medical Mission Team Touches Lives in the Dominican Republic

In just over three days, May 17-20, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center’s Medical Mission Team accomplished 73 surgeries, more than 90 Emergency Room consultations, over 200 general medical consultations and other procedures including dental care at a clinic located in Sanchez, Dominican Republic. 

“Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center has adopted the Dominican Republic as the official country of its international mission work. The Hospital's Mission Statement is, ‘Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ’, and this international mission effort provides a channel for us, as U.S. citizens and healthcare professionals, to share our resources and personal care with those in need beyond our borders”, said Lake Placid Administrator Warren Santander. In August 2010, a team of 13 physicians, nurses and others went to Limon, Dominican Republic and performed 60 surgeries in two and a half days. The experiences that were generated and the people served, made lasting impressions on each team member. 

This year's trip took place in a slightly larger town, Sanchez, close to the clinic visited last year. The Florida Hospital team worked closely with the Dominican Union of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the Centro Medico Vista del Jardin (Adventist Hospital in Santo Domingo, DR), Medical Missionaries International (for rental equipment, supplies, transportation and personnel) and Dr. Sarah Green, MD, Director of the Sanchez clinic, to organize and prepare for the trip. The medical mission team grew to 24 members on this trip, introducing additional specialties such as Obstetrics, Urology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics and Dentistry. 

Florida Hospital’s Lake Placid Administrator Warren Santander and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, MD will be making a follow-up trip to the clinic in August to plan for future support and missions including possible construction efforts, medical equipment donations, and other improvements that will enhance the quality of care available to those whom the clinic serves. 

Members of the May 2011 Medical Mission Team:

Dr. Juan Alvarez (Physician, Orthopaedics), Veronica Alvarez (Dentist), Miguel Beltre (Physician, Internal Medicine), Mia Branch (Physician, OB/GYN), Raisa Camilo (Physician, Pediatrics), Julie Christian (Marketing), Juan Colon (Chaplain, Lake Placid), Justina Colon (Participant), Dr. Jorge Gonzalez MD (Chief Medical Officer), Melisa Gonzalez (RN), Ellie Hatch (RN), Carin Lentz (RN), Catherine Miner (RN), Kwabena Pobi (Physician- Urology), Deanna Reed (RN), Derick Roache (RN), Warren Santander (Administrator, Florida Hospital Lake Placid), Lydia Santander (Participant), Thomas Seifert (Dentist), Dr. Allen Skipper (Physician, General Surgery),Victoria Skipper (Nursing Student), Virginia Skipper (RN), Subhash Tiwari (Physician, Psychiatric/Neurology), Arthur Verga (Physician, General Surgery)


Members of the medical mission team take a break at the end of the day for a quick picture outside of the operating room at Hospital Dr. Alberto Gautreaux, a clinic in Sanchez, Dominican Republic. Pictured: Teo Beatro, MD (Anesthesiologist, Medical Missionaries International), Melisa Gonzalez RN, Dr. Allen Skipper MD (Surgeon, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center), and Carin Lentz RN (Nurse Manager, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center). 


Dr. Nunez MD (Physician, Centro Medico Vista del Jardin), Dr. Jorge Gonzalez MD (Chief Medical Officer, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center), a congressman from the Samana region of Dominican Republic, Dr. Green MD (Medical Director of the clinic, Hospital Dr. Alberto Gautreaux in Sanchez, DR), and Warren Santander (Administrator, Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center at Lake Placid).