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Florida Hospital Waterman unveils the most advanced cardiac imaging equipment in Lake County

Florida Hospital Waterman unveils the most advanced cardiac imaging equipment in Lake County

Florida Hospital Waterman showcases new cardiac catheterization and EP lab

TAVARES, Fla. (March 19, 2014)-  The installation of a new versatile digital imaging system will now allow physicians at Florida Hospital Waterman to perform both cardiac and vascular exams on patients with a single system. The $1.7 million investment in the new cardiac catheterization lab’s advanced technology enhances the quality of patient care, as well as reduces the levels of radiation exposure to the patient and the staff. Additionally, the new technology expands the procedural capabilities for electrophysiology services, such as cardiac ablations and pacemaker implantation, both used to help correct heart arrhythmias.

  According to the American Heart Association, one of every six deaths in the United States is caused by coronary heart heart disease. Florida Hospital Waterman’s performs approximately 1,100 procedures in their cardiac cauterization lab annually, and provides comprehensive cardiovascular services to help fight this disease.

  “We are dedicated to improving the heart health of Lake County,” said David Ottati, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Hospital Waterman. “Our new cardiac catheterization lab enables us to help the growing community battle heart disease with state-of-the art technology.”

  The expanded capabilities and superior technology will allow more alternatives to invasive surgery with the integration of diagnostic measuring tools to provide a more accurate measurement and treatment of blockages.  The enhanced technology for mapping the heart’s electrical activity will provide better treatment of heart rhythm disturbances commonly known as arrhythmias.

  “We provide patients with advanced care beyond the traditional diagnostic and interventional procedures patients commonly associate with a cardiac cath lab,” said Miguel Bryce MD, Medical Director of Electrophysiology, Florida Hospital Waterman. “Electrophysiological (EP) procedures offer a variety of opportunity to correct heart arrhythmias, and the new, advanced features of the EP lab will allow us to achieve greater results with less radiation exposure making it safer for the patient and staff.”

  Upon the new labs opening Florida Hospital Waterman hosted a community open house to showcase the new equipment and explain the positive impacts these improvements will have on the overall health of the community. To continue improving the heart health of Lake County, the second phase of renovations will begin later this year, and a second state- of-the-art cardiac catheterization lab will be opened. This has been made possible through a commitment by the Florida Hospital Waterman’s Foundations to aid Lake County in the fight against heart disease, first by launching a campaign to raise $5,000,000 for a new open-heart program at the hospital, and now to raise the funds to completely renovate the catheterization lab.