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Florida Hospital presents Live Surgery at MOSI, a first-of-its kind partnership between hospital and a science center in the state of Florida

Florida Hospital and MOSI present the “Florida Hospital Live Surgery Experience,” a first-of-its-kind partnership between a hospital and a science center in Florida. Today, the program officially launches and offers an interactive experience for 50 Middleton High School students. Florida Hospital surgeons will perform an open heart surgery that will broadcast live in MOSI’s Coleman Science Works Theater for students. During the live broadcast, Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute Medical Director, Dr. Charles Lambert, will narrate the surgery in the MOSI theater.

“This experience is the only one of its kind in Florida, where students will have the chance to witness a live surgery, in real time. We want the students to ask questions and interact with us as they watch a patient under-go an open heart procedure. Our clinical team will be in the operating room and I will be in the Science Works Theater with the students,” said Dr. Charles Lambert, Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Medical Director. The program will provide a wide range of “teachable moments” as the students and the educators learn about the educational paths and responsibilities of each person in the Florida Hospital Tampa Operating Room. Immediately following the live surgery experience, students will then participate in hands-on surgical activities with MOSI educators, including interaction with a SynDaver Synthetic Human. Created by SynDaver Labs, Inc., these Synthetic Humans are used in medical research, training and engineering research. The SynDaver Synthetic Human mimics living tissue and is made of salt water and fiber, just like a human body, and adds another layer to the Live Surgery Experience.

“Our goal for launching this program with our partner at Florida Hospital is to help expose students to a multitude of rewarding healthcare careers. MOSI is a ‘key STEAM connector’ for middle and high school students, helping to nurture these future scientists and health professionals. We are excited to launch the first-ever live surgery experience in the state of Florida, and so honored to be partnered with such a phenomenal organization as Florida Hospital,” said Molly Demeulenaere, MOSI President & CEO.  

Back in July of 2014, Florida Hospital presented MOSI with a $2 million dollar check to provide the support needed to keep the science center moving forward.  The investment is enabling MOSI to transform the IMAX Dome Theatre from film to a state-of-the-art digital 3D projection system.  MOSI has the only IMAX Dome Theatre in the state of Florida, and it is one of the first science centers across the country to convert a dome theater to a digital platform. MOSI officially changed the name to the Florida Hospital IMAX Dome Theatre.

“The main goal of our partnership with MOSI is to make a difference in Tampa Bay. Our hospitals use technology and innovation daily to elevate healthcare in the communities we serve. Now, we have the opportunity to work together with MOSI and help inspire the next generation of health care providers. The Florida Hospital LIVE Surgery experience is designed to pique student’s interest and allow them to ask questions in a friendly teaching environment, during a live surgery,” said Mike Schultz, President and CEO of the Florida Hospital West Florida Region.

Florida Hospital wholeheartedly supports MOSI’s core ideology: to make a difference in people’s lives by making science real for people of all ages and backgrounds… helping to nurture the future scientists and health professionals. The partnership will focus on creating additional programs, enhancing existing science education, and advancing public interest of science, industry and technology. Florida Hospital believes this relationship will provide life changing experiences for families and support young men and women considering careers in the field of medicine. In 1982, MOSI opened to the community and is now the largest science center in the Southeast and the 8th largest in the nation. It’s the only institution with the focus of experiential STEAM education in the Tampa Bay region.