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Florida Hospital Neurosurgeon Performs First NeuroBlate Procedure in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla., July, 3 2014 — Diane Bostick had tried everything to stop the tumor growing inside her brain with no success, that is until Florida Hospital neurosurgeon Dr. Melvin Field offered her a new kind of treatment. The new treatment Bostick received is called NeuroBlate and her procedure was the first of its kind in Central Florida.  

"We are offering this procedure to patients who have brain tumors that are in locations that are difficult to treat with surgery or where we think the surgery has very great risks to them," says Florida Hospital Orlando Director of Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Dr. Melvin Field. 

The NeuroBlate procedure essentially "cooks" brain tumors in a precisely controlled area to destroy the tumor. It uses a minimally invasive, MRI-guided laser system to coagulate, or heat and kill, brain tumors. 

"We know that at certain temperatures you can actually kill a tumor with heat," says Dr. Field. "The goal of this treatment is to turn on the laser and direct it so the laser cooks the tumor but does not cook the surrounding brain around it."

This technology is unique because it allows the surgeon not only to precisely control where the treatment is delivered, but also provides the ability to visualize the actual effect on the tissue as it is happening. The procedure is performed in an open MRI machine, enabling the surgeon to plan, steer and see in real-time the device, the heat map of the area treated by the laser and the tumor tissue that has been burned.

"The tissues of the brain are very unforgiving," says Dr. Field. "We're making efforts to incorporate new technologies and new techniques to try to make brain surgery safer for our patients and less invasive so they have quicker recovery times."

"All I know is I feel good again," says Bostick. "I left the hospital on a Thursday and Tuesday I was mowing the lawn."