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Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center Now Designated a Primary Stroke Center


Contact:  Cathy Albritton

Phone:    (863) 873-3414 Cell

Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center Sebring

Now Designated a Primary Stroke Center

Florida Hospital Heartland Medical Center in Sebring (FHHMC) is proud to announce its new designation as a Primary Stroke Center.  According to the American Stroke Association, a Primary Stroke Center is defined as “a hospital-based center that stabilizes and provides emergent care to acute stroke patients, transfers patients to a Comprehensive Stroke Center or admits patients and provides further care depending on the patient’s needs and the center’s capabilities.” The Joint Commission is the governing body that certifies facilities with this designation.

 “A Primary Stroke Center will help improve the quality of life for stroke patients,” says Dr. Bridglal Ramkissoon, Medical Director of the Stroke Center at FHHMC.  “Essentially, it will allow us to reverse the effects of the stroke, resulting in better outcomes.”

The Primary Stroke Center designation confirms that FHHMC in Sebring is using the recommendations set forth by the Brain Attack Coalition and the American Stroke Association, ensuring that FHHMC is in compliance with consensus-based national standards.

“When a stroke occurs, time is of the essence. Working closely with EMS, our Emergency Department can identify and begin treating a stroke patient before they arrive,” said Administrative Nursing Director Debbie Vaughn. “Every minute can make a difference.”

Understanding the warning signs of a stroke are important. If you feel you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, call 911 immediately:

  • Weakness or numbness of the face, arm or leg on one side of the body
  • Sudden trouble speaking or understanding conversation
  • Sudden or severe headache with no known cause
  • Sudden visual impairment in one or both eyes
  • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness or loss of balance or coordination