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Florida Hospital Celebrates 90+ Year Old’s at Annual Party

Dr. Antonio Roa, with Florida Hospital’s Family Care Center, hosted more than 75 people at the 90’s Club annual party that celebrates seniors over the age of 90 located at the Better Living Community Center in Lake Placid on November 15.

Dr. Roa created the 90’s Club over 10 years ago to help patients live long, healthy, and happy lives. The club includes almost 50 members, all over the age of 90, with four members over the age of 100. Dr. Roa hopes has big plans to help the club grow by extending membership to anyone in the county over 90.

Florida Hospital sponsored the event which included food, party favors, cutting of the cake, and entertainment, thanks to performers Mateo Aggabao, Tiffany Poynor, Jim Duke, Agnes Delara and Jane Fermalino.