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Breathing Better: Severe Asthma Suffers Learn Treatment Options

DELAND, Fla., June 23, 2017 — On June 21, the community joined Florida Hospital DeLand for a free seminar about severe asthma. 
“Every single day in the U.S., asthma sends 4,700 people to the ER and kills nine people,” said Dr. Christopher DiBello, Florida Hospital DeLand pulmonologist. “Not being able to breathe can send you to the emergency room on a weekly basis and make it impossible to work or do the activities in life you enjoy.” 
Florida Hospital DeLand is the area’s only hospital to offer bronchial thermoplasty, a minimally invasive treatment that reduces the excessive thickness of the airway walls, making it easier for asthmatics to breathe when having an allergic reaction.
Without making a single incision, a bronchoscope is threaded into the lungs and delivers a mild heat to reduce the amount of excessive smooth muscle lining the airways, ultimately providing clinically proven, long-lasting relief for severe asthma suffers.
“Bronchial thermoplasty is a safe, outpatient procedure that provides a long-lasting reduction in asthma attacks for people with severe asthma,” he said. “My patients who have had this procedure have experienced less overall asthma attacks, less visits to the ER related to asthma, and a significant improvement in their quality of life.”
About Florida Hospital DeLand
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On June 21, Florida Hospital DeLand pulmonologist Dr. Christopher DiBello led a free community seminar about severe asthma, the seriousness of the disease, and treatment options available.