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Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES)

Research and Clinical Trials for Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES)

Through past research, scientists and doctors have taken the first steps to providing minimally invasive procedures. Research and clinical trials on neuroendovascular surgery and other minimally invasive procedures continues to improve these treatments, instruments and technology.

With continued research, doctors hope to develop minimally or noninvasive treatments for more conditions to reduce patient’s pain, recovery time and risks. These advances can greatly improve patient’s prognosis and overall health. They also provide hope to patients who had previously inoperable conditions.

The interdisciplinary team of researchers at Florida Hospital works hand-in-hand to study the effectiveness and risks of neuroendovascular surgery through research and clinical trials.

Learn more about our clinical trials and research. 

Locations for Neuroendovascular Surgery (NES)