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Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Preventing Nasopharyngeal Cancer

Doctors and researchers do not know why cancer forms and develops, but we do know some factors that increase a patient’s risk. Preventing nasopharyngeal cancer begins with reducing the risks by eliminating the controllable factors. While reducing risks does not eliminate any chance of developing cancer, it does make it less likely.

Reducing and eliminating alcohol consumption is one of the best ways of preventing nasopharyngeal cancer and other cancers throughout the body. Drinking alcohol in excess can increase a patient’s risk of developing head and neck cancers as well as many other cancers in the gastrointestinal tract and heart.

Another way of preventing nasopharyngeal cancer is to know the symptoms of cancer and identify any irregularities early. Early detection provides the best opportunity for doctors to successfully treat the condition with the least side effects.

If you experience symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer, schedule a screening today.

Locations for Nasopharyngeal Cancer