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Modified Maze procedure

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

The Modified-Maze procedure is used to treat arrhythmia, abnormal heart rhythm conditions which can lead to chronic heart failure. Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute specializes in leading edge procedures and techniques that reroute electrical impulses in the heart and restore normal heart rate, such as the Modified-Maze procedure.

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The Modified-Maze procedure is used to reroute errant electrical signals in the heart that disrupt normal heart rhythm. Specific areas within the atria ­­– the heart's two upper chambers – where the heart’s electrical impulses become disorganized are pinpointed and destroyed by radio waves, cryothermy (extreme cold), laser, ultrasound waves or microwaves. Once these areas heal, the scar tissue forms lesions that electrical impulses cannot travel through. As a result, the charges are deflected into the intended pathways. The Modified-Maze procedure requires that the chest be opened, so it usually only performed when medical management has proven ineffective or when another open-heart procedure is being performed. 

Locations for Modified Maze procedure