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Mini Maze Procedure

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

As medical technology has evolved, Florida Hospital Cardiovascular Institute has remained at the forefront of emerging techniques, such as the Mini-Maze procedure. Among the many treatments we perform to treat atrial fibrillation arrhythmia, this minimally invasive treatment allows for faster healing and an easier recovery.

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A Mini-Maze procedure is a minimally invasive method of treating atrial fibrillation. During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s natural electrical charges occur in an abnormal sequence because of additional pathways found within the organ.

Developed as an alternative for patients who don’t require additional open heart procedures, the Mini-Maze procedure allows surgeons to reach the heart through very small incisions made on each side of the patient’s chest. The surgeon attaches a tool that resembles a clamp to these extra pathways, found in the left upper left chamber (atrium) of the heart.  The tissue between the teeth of this clamp is destroyed using ablation. Once the sites of the destroyed tissue heal, the resulting scar tissue forms boundaries that reroute the electrical current to its intended path.


Locations for Mini Maze Procedure