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The volunteers of Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center and Florida Hospital Oceanside come from all walks of life. They are current and former professionals -- schoolteachers, lawyers, professors, administrative assistants, homemakers, business executives, CPAs, even rocket scientists! In its history, our Auxiliary has provided more than 2.6 million hours of volunteer support and raised over $4.8 million to benefit the hospital and community in which we live. 

For more information and to start the process of becoming a member of the Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Auxiliary call our office at (386) 231-3030 to schedule an interview.  

The Auxiliary’s Purpose

The Auxiliary promotes and advances the welfare of our hospitals and off-site locations through volunteer service and fundraising activities consistent with the needs of our community.

1. We serve by donating time to assist the hospital staff, patients, customers and visitors

2. We support the hospital financially through our Bird Cage Gift Shop, Pinkadilly Thrift Shop and various other fundraising efforts throughout each year allowing our facilities to develop and implement innovations in the care and services provided to our community.

3. We support each other through the camaraderie present in our shared our service areas, over lunch in our garden, in meetings and walking through our facilities.  Auxilians come together with the common desire to serve our hospital’s mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.

Opportunities for Volunteers

The Auxiliary offers a wide selection of volunteer opportunities. This variety allows volunteers to apply their talents, skills and interests in compatible service areas. Here’s a sampling of how your neighbors are serving our community hospital:

· Bird Cage Gift Shop

· BirthCare Center

·Comprehensive Cancer Center

· Courtesy Escort Shuttle

· Emergency Department

· Food and Nutritional Services

· Guest Services

· Information Desk

· Nursing Stations

· Office Work

· Pastoral Care

· Pinkadilly Resale Shop

· Surgical Services

· Transport

· Waiting Areas

Awards and Recognition

Auxilians are invited to three free social activities held in their honor every year. These are relaxing, pleasant opportunity to visit with other volunteers and be recognized for your volunteer contributions to the hospital. Recognition service pins are given to Auxilians who have achieved milestone levels of time commitment.

Benefits to Volunteering

· A wonderful feeling of contributing and “giving back” to your community

· A free meal in the cafeteria for every four hours of service (an $8 value)

· Discounts in the Bird Cage Gift Shop and Pinkadilly Resale Shop

Whether serving in one of the patient areas, delivering meals or greeting visitors, Auxilians are offering that special caring touch each and every day.