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Pastoral Care at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center

The Pastoral Care department at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center believes complete care includes attention to the spiritual, as well as the physical and emotional needs of each patient and visitor. The single goal is to support people attempting to cope with health care needs. Our Pastoral Care staff is available 24-hours a day for the primary purpose of administering to the needs of patients, their families and the hospital staff.

It is the inclusion of the theological and religious dimension of concern that makes care-giving "pastoral." We therefore encourage our team members and staff to join the chaplain in offering the wealth of their own spiritual resources to provide care to our patients and visitors.

If you have a loved one or friend in the hospital that you would like a chaplain to visit, call the Pastoral Care line at (386) 231-3044 or call the hospital operator at (386) 231-6000 and ask for the chaplain on call to be paged.

Chapels and Prayer Rooms

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center provide non-denominational chapels for your spiritual needs. The chapels are open 24-hours a day (unless otherwise stated) and visitors of all faiths are welcome to visit the chapels at any time.

Chapel Locations

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center

Prayer Room Locations:

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center

Spiritual Ambassadors

We have employees who serve as Spiritual Ambassadors and are willing to pray with their fellow employees and for our patients. Simply let a staff member know you would like a prayer or someone to pray with,  and our staff will contact an Ambassador.

Visit our online spiritual care resource for spiritual support from professional healthcare chaplains.