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Note to Instructors:

At least 3 weeks prior to clinical start date - Contact Nancy Grande in the Education Dept (231-3193) to coordinate pre/post conference schedule and orientation needs. 
At least 1 week prior to clinical start date - Contact Nancy Grande to coordinate computer access forms and necessary competencies for students and instructors.

On first clinical day 

  • Submit signed orientation roster to the Education Department indicating that each student has reviewed the required information (Applies to students or instructors who have not completed the FHMMC/Oceanside orientation in the past 6 months.)  
  • Bring $10 deposit (cash only) for each student badge to Education Deptartment. Badges must be returned at the end of each semester to qualify for a refund.

Required Student/Instructor Orientation Information: 

Begin by Clicking on Orientation Presentation.  In addition, review policies appropriate to your scope of practice.


Documents As Needed:

Forms as Needed: