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Online Nursery

The WebNursery® is an online photo album service provided by Mom365 - now the largest professional newborn photographer in the U.S. The WebNursery is a fun, free and fast way for parents to share the news of their baby’s birth. Each baby is given his or her very own web page. Friends and family can join in the celebration by signing the online guest book.

Is the WebNursery Safe?

Every baby’s page will be password protected. Parents will be given a customer ID and they will then be able to create their own password.

Parents will need to share both the ID number and their password with anyone that wants to view the photos of their baby.

Since the baby’s page will only be visible to those with the ID number and password, this feature allows parents to control who has access to their baby’s information. Parents can enable or change their password at any time.

For your family’s security, last names are never used. Your baby will be identified by first name and last initial. Mom and Dad are also identified by first name only.

If you have any questions about the Mom365 WebNursery, please contact them directly at 866-284-0620.