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OB/Labor & Delivery

BirthCare Center Classes

The Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center BirthCare Center is pleased to offer helpful pregnancy, childbirth and parenting classes. 

Registration is required for all classes. To register for classes or see a list of upcoming dates, please click the links below. For any questions about classes, your pregnancy experience, scholarships, caring for your newborn or registering over the phone, please call our Parent Education staff at (386) 231-3152.

Prepared Childbirth Classes

Prepared Childbirth Classes are offered as a four-week series, with each series beginning on the assigned dates. Classes include topics on labor and delivery, medications, breathing/relaxation, induction and Cesarean section.

Newborn Care Class

Our Newborn Care Class provides information for the first weeks of your baby’s life to help you get off to a great start with your new bundle of joy!

Breastfeeding Class 

Breastfeeding is one of the most precious gifts a mother and baby can give to each other. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes breastfeeding as the best method of feeding and nurturing infants. At our Breastfeeding Class, our certified lactation counselors will assist soon-to-be moms and provide helpful information to make your breastfeeding experience as smooth as possible. 

Sunday Birth Shop

When the four-week series doesn’t work for your schedule, this is a one day quick course that teaches expectant moms about labor/delivery, medications, epidural, breathing/relaxation, Cesarean section and induction. 

Big Brother/Big Sister Class

This class provides a simple introduction of the BirthCare Center to the Big Brother or Big Sister. What do babies do best and how can you help mom with the new baby? These questions are answered with the help of the Bernstein Bears and New Baby Sister books, as well as a short tour of our 5-star labor and delivery suites.

Infant CPR

This demonstration class teaches family and friends what they need to know in the event of a life-threatening emergency — for example, if your baby is choking or isn’t moving or breathing because of a fall or a near drowning. 

Mommy to Mommy Support Group

This class offers mom an opportunity to learn more about her newborn and how to be the best mom she can be. Mom and baby will meet new friends together. Class curriculum is designed to support and enlighten new moms.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Lactation specialists from our BirthCare Center are here to provide a warm and comforting environment where mothers can come together to discuss issues they may be having, ask questions, share stories, and most importantly, to encourage each other along the breastfeeding journey. Join a wonderful group of mothers every Friday, and let us help you meet your breastfeeding goals.