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Our Team

Our staff has specialized training that enables them to develop higher levels of expertise and achieve better results for our patients.

Physiatrist: We have two physiatrists on our team who will see the patient daily. A physiatrist is a physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Physician: Our physician will oversee the medical care on all of our patients.

Physical Therapist: The Peninsula Rehabilitation physical therapy team is crucial to the patient’s recovery. They will concentrate on re-education techniques on the neuromuscular system, developing and strengthening motor and functional skills, improving joint mobility and relieving pain.

Occupational Therapist: We have very experienced occupational therapists who will apply skills to enhance the patient's perceptual and fine motor abilities to maximize independence in activities of daily living. Our occupational therapists also assist patients in overcoming physical barriers relative to recreational activities, facilitating the transition to a social environment.

Speech/Language Pathologist: Peninsula Rehabilitation has an outstanding SLP team that maximizes the patient's ability to communicate, understand spoken language, increase cognitive skills and return to safe feeding.

Rehabilitative Nurse: We offer Registered Nurses, with specialized training or experience in rehabilitation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rehabilitation Technician: Certified Nursing Assistants that are specially trained to assist our patients will assist in therapy sessions and help with daily activities.

Case Manager: A case manager is a part of the Peninsula Rehabilitation team and will follow the patient’s stay from beginning to end. Responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and monitoring the services and resources needed to respond to patient’s healthcare needs and reimbursement constraints.

Social Worker: Our Social Workers work assist with the discharge planning process to assist with re-entry into the community.  They coordinate with other organizations within the community to help with special needs and specialized services that are needed upon transitioning patients back to a home environment.

Psychologist: Peninsula Rehabilitation offers neuro-psychological services for patients who need this therapy. Our psychologist will assist patients and family members in adjusting to the disability and in working through the strong emotions that normally accompany the rehabilitation process.

Dietitian: A clinical registered dietitian included is part of the Peninsula Rehabilitation team. The dietitian provides the nutritional information, guidance, and any special dietary needs that are important to each patient's rehabilitation.

Other Rehabilitation Specialists: these include physicians in the fields of neurology, orthopedics and general medicine