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Medulloblastoma is a rare, malignant brain tumor that appears more often in children than adults, and more often in boys than girls. And, though this is a high-grade, fast-growing tumor, there is hope. About 60 percent of adults and as much as 80 percent of children who are diagnosed with this tumor are expected to live at least five years, provided they get the proper treatment. And that’s where the oncology specialists at Florida Hospital come in. Using our state-of-the-art facilities, these experts can help diagnose this cancer and devise a treatment program tailored to the patient’s individual needs, whether the patient is a child or an adult. If you or a loved one are battling medulloblastoma, contact the oncology experts at Florida Hospital today. 

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A medulloblastoma is a type of malignant brain tumor. A brain tumor forms when normal cells in the brain begin to grow uncontrollably and form a mass. This particular brain tumor originates in granular cells in the cerebellum, a part of the brain that controls movement and coordination.

Medulloblastoma is most often found in children; in fact, about 13 percent of pediatric central nervous system tumors are medulloblastoma. Often, this tumor blocks the draining of cerebrospinal fluid, leading to increased cranial pressure. While this is a fast-growing, high-grade tumor, the five-year survival rate for adults with this type of brain tumor is as high as 60 percent, and for children it can be as high as 80 percent, though for infants, survival rates fall between 30 percent and 50 percent. Treatment usually involves a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

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