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Medical Management for Descending Aneurysm/Dissection


Medical Management

Abdominal aortic aneurysms are usually managed medically when they are less than five centimeters in diameter.  Their diameter is checked every six to twelve months with ultrasound or CT scan.  Surgical repair of aneurysms in most patients is recommended when they are five centimeters or larger.  Cessation of smoking and good control of blood pressure may decrease the rate of growth of the aneurysm.  People with aneurysm disease also have increased risk of having undetected coronary artery disease and may benefit from cardiology evaluation.

For most descending thoracic aortic dissections medical management is preferred.  Surgical therapy is reserved for continued growth of the aneurysm or obstruction of blood flow to the legs or vital organs such as the kidneys or intestines.

Locations for Medical Management for Descending Aneurysm/Dissection