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Maxillectomy is one of many treatments used to address oral cancer. When a patient has a cancerous tumor or cancerous cells on the roof of the mouth, called the hard palate, a maxillectomy is used to remove the tumor and in some cases, bone. Florida Hospital provides this and other oral cancer treatments for patients. World renown oncology specialists work with patients to treat tumors and improve their quality of life. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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For patients with oral cancer affecting the hard palate (the roof of the mouth), maxillectomy is often recommended to remove the tumor and the affected bone. This surgical procedure can be comprehensive, removing all the bone, less severe, removing only portions of the bone, and the least severe removing none of the bone.

While this procedure is effective in removing the tumor, other cancer treatments may be necessary to eliminate the cancerous cells. Also, removal of the hard palate or portions of the hard palate may have permanent side effects. For patients considering maxilectomy, it’s important to speak with your doctor about your prognosis and the side effects you may experience.

The first step to determining the best treatment option for your condition is to seek diagnosis. 

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