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For some patients, fractures and broken bones do not heal properly, perhaps because their cast was removed too soon, or maybe the immobilization device used for the healing process was inadequate. The bones may end up twisted, bent, or in some cases shortened, which can cause pain, tenderness, swelling, and, if the bones are in the legs, difficulty with mobility or an altered gait. Fortunately, the specialists at Florida Hospital are expertly trained and equipped to diagnose malunions, and can help figure out a treatment plan for each patient. If you believe you are suffering from a malunion, make an appointment today. 

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A malunion fracture is the healing of a fracture in a non-anatomic position, causing significant impairment. It may be the result of a bone being twisted, bent, in a bad position, shorter than normal or, in some cases, all of the above. A malunion can occur in areas where the fracture has displaced the surface of the joint, causing the cartilage in the joint to no longer be smooth. This condition is associated with pain, joint instability and/or degeneration, swelling and tenderness.

Malunions are caused be the inadequate immobilization of a fracture, misalignment at the time of immobilization, or the premature removal of a cast or other immobilizing device. If left untreated, a malunion in the legs can lead to limited mobility or difficulty walking.

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