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Lysis of Adhesions

Side Effects of Lysis of Adhesions

Side effects that may occur after having a lysis of adhesions are injury to surrounding tissues, organs, muscles, or membranes. Any invasive or noninvasive surgical procedure can further damage rather than resolve the adhesions. 
The most common side effects that involve lysis of adhesions are infection, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, and recurrence of the scar tissue. However, side effects after having lysis of adhesions are not all too common. The benefits of scar tissue removal to repair or prevent further health issues may outweigh the drawbacks. 
Physicians at Florida Hospital are skilled at examining and diagnosing adhesions. Find out if adhesions are causing pain, discomfort, and more severe conditions such as tearing and/or a bowel obstruction.    

Locations for Lysis of Adhesions