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Lysis of Adhesions

Treatments Related to Lysis Adhesions

Lysis of adhesions is a surgical procedure that removes internal scar tissue. This surgery is performed to separate two internal membranes stuck together or is considered as a preventative measure to decrease the risk of developing adhesions that may potentially form together. 
Related treatments of lysis of adhesions are laser surgery, endoscopy, cryosurgery, laparoscopic surgery, and electric field treatment. Other treatment options depend on the type of internal membranes that get stuck, size of the adhesions, and the extent of the damage. Noninvasive surgical procedures may decrease complications and improve prognosis. 
A patient may require surgical treatment such as a bowel resection to remove any part of the damaged intestine, which can occur due to strangulation and injury classified by adhesions.  
Surgeons at Florida Hospital are specialized in surgical procedures and can make the determination if lysis of adhesions is the right surgery to remove scar tissue from inside the body.

Locations for Lysis of Adhesions