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Lysis of Adhesions

Conditions Related to Lysis of Adhesions

Related conditions that may cause a need for lysis of adhesions are any diseases, disorders, injuries and/or cancers requiring abdominal surgery, gastrointestinal procedures, and conventional surgeries that burn, freeze, or infuse electrical currents into an affected region to destroy tumors or cancer cells. 
Endometriosis (conditions affecting women’s uterine), diverticulitis (pouches or sacs that become infected inside the colon), and appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix that requires emergency surgical removal) are related conditions that can form adhesions and rely on surgical intervention to treat the conditions.   
Specialists at Florida Hospital have performed many lysis of adhesions to identify related conditions that resemble this scar tissue. Learn more about adhesions to determine if a lysis of scar tissue can treat and/or prevent future complications.      

Locations for Lysis of Adhesions