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Lysis of Adhesions

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Past surgical procedures may cause scar tissue known as adhesions to form virtually anywhere inside the body following surgery. This scar tissue can link two membranes together, which may disrupt normal function, create chronic pain, discomfort, and intestinal blockage. Lysis of adhesions is a surgical procedure that removes this soft scar tissue to treat a complication or to prevent a future problem involving two intersecting muscles, tissues, joints, tendons, and/or organs. If the intestines get stuck together, a patient may develop a bowel obstruction that will require immediate emergency treatment. Doctors at Florida Hospital are specialized in performing lysis of adhesions to remove this scar tissue using state-of-art surgical devices.              

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Lysis of adhesions is cutting scar tissue inside the body to detach two intersecting membranes or to prevent this action from taking place following surgery. Scar tissue left behind can create numerous complications when two segments connect. 
The causes of adhesions are infection, appendicitis, injury, cancer, and/or inflammation. Most common surgeries that develop adhesions are those performed in the abdomen and in the gastrointestinal tract. If adhesions form on the intestines, this membrane is more than likely to get stuck with another tissue, muscle, organ, and/or with another portion of itself to create a bowel obstruction. 
A lysis of adhesions may treat and/or prevent further complications from materializing. However, there is no guarantee this surgical procedure will eliminate the risk of this condition returning. Because surgery is recognized as one of the main factors that cause scar tissue to form following a surgical procedure, moving forward with additional surgeries to treat this condition may increase the likelihood of adhesions relapsing in the same region.     
Doctors at Florida Hospital are trained to perform lysis of adhesions and can explain the surgical procedure in more detail. Contact a doctor to learn how cutting away scar tissue can decrease symptoms of adhesions and may prevent serious complications.   

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