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Lung Node Cancer

Treatments for Lung Nodules

Depending upon the cause—whether the lung nodules are related to infections, inflammation or another condition—treatment can vary widely. Many times, lung nodules that haven't changed over a period of a few years will not required treatment and can be left alone. It is important to have a doctor periodically monitor lung nodules to ensure if they become cancerous, that they can be treated early, when cancer is most beatable.

If lung nodules are cancers, doctors will apply a number of different approaches, as their location, size and growth will require varying levels of treatment. Many times, a combination of different therapies will be employed, including surgery to remove part or all of the lung, targeted radiation therapy, chemotherapy and clinical trial programs.

Our multi-disciplinary team of pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, gastroenterologists and interventional radiologists at Florida Hospital work closely together to evaluate indeterminate lung nodules that may have been detected during routine examinations. 

Locations for Lung Nodules