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Lung Cancer

Preventing Lung Cancer

Since some cancers are extremely aggressive, preventing lung cancer is the best way to survive. Doctors do not know what causes cancer, but we do know how to reduce your risk of developing tumors. Follow these techniques to reduce your risk of lung cancer:

  • Stop smoking – After just one year of not smoking, your risk greatly drops.
  • Avoid secondhand smoke from other’s cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
  • Avoid dangerous chemicals such as asbestos, uranium, coal products, mustard gas and gasoline fumes.
  • Speak to Florida Hospital for routine lung cancer screening if you have symptoms.

As part of our dedication to improving patient’s overall wellness and preventing disease, Florida Hospital offers wellness community programs. Through these programs, we help patients improve their lifestyles to live longer, happier, healthier lives. 


Locations for Lung Cancer