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Treatments Related to Lobectomy

Each patient’s condition is different, so doctors at Florida Hospital work with patients to determine the best treatment plan. Sometimes, related treatments to lobectomy are recommended instead of the lobectomy or in addition to the surgical procedure.
For instance, wedge resection, pneumonectomy or sleeve resection are related treatments that may be recommended for lung cancer patients instead of lobectomy. These procedures treat cancer that is either more widespread or less severe. Also, lung transplant may be recommended for patients with severe emphysema.
Also, some related treatments may be recommended in addition to lobectomy. These treatments provide comprehensive care for patients to eliminate the disease or abnormality. For example, patients with lung cancer may also receive these related treatments:
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted therapy
For patients with tuberculosis, antibiotics may be prescribed to fight the bacteria. As another example, emphysema cases are often treated with oxygen and inhalers in addition to surgery.
These are only a few of the related treatments to lobectomy. Your doctor can help determine the best treatments for your individual condition.

Locations for Lobectomy