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A lobectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a diseased “lobe” of the lung, while healthy tissue is left intact to maintain lung function. Often performed using the thoracotomy procedure, surgeons typically open the chest to remove the lung. At Florida Hospital, the lobectomy can be performed on qualified patients using minimally invasive and robotic procedures to reduce risk of complications, pain and recovery time. Contact us to find out if you are a candidate for minimally invasive lobectomy.

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When a patient is diagnosed with a disease or abnormality in the lungs, doctors may recommend a lobectomy. The right lung has three sections or lobes while the left lung has two lobes. This procedure removes a diseased lobe of the lung while sparing healthy tissue to reserve lung function. It may be used along with related treatments to provide comprehensive care. 
Lobectomy may be recommended for a variety of related condition. During traditional treatment, surgeons make a large incision in the chest to remove the lobe. The risks of side effects for this procedure are higher due to the large incision and the use of anesthesia.
Florida Hospital is dedicated to proving minimally invasive procedures to patients. In qualified cases, we offer a less invasive surgical lobectomy procedure that reduces pain, scaring and recovery. The procedure uses only small incisions to reduce risks and complications. For some minimally invasive lobectomy procedures, robotic technology helps surgeons increase accuracy and efficiency.
See if you are a candidate for these minimally invasive lobectomy procedures. Request an appointment at Florida Hospital today.

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