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Left Heart Ventricular Angiography

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A type of cardiac catheterization, left heart ventricular angiography is used to diagnose abnormalities or blockages on the left side of the heart and coronary arteries. Using specialized tools, doctors thread a catheter through the blood vessels and into the heart. A dye is injected and X-rays are used to see how the dye flows through the heart. This minimally invasive procedure can be used to diagnose serious heart conditions without opening the chest. See if you are a candidate for this advanced diagnostic procedure at Florida Hospital. Schedule your appointment.

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A minimally invasive diagnostic procedure, left heart ventricular angiography is a type of cardiac catheterization. It is used to diagnose serous heart conditions by allowing doctors to visualize the way blood flows through the heart. The minimally invasive procedure is associated with low risk, minimal pain and has a fast recovery period. The majority of patients go home the same day without any complications.

During left ventricular angiography procedure, doctors used a specialized instrument called a catheter. It is a small tube that is threaded from a tiny incision in the arm or groin, through blood vessels and into the heart. Once in the heart, surgeons inject a dye that makes it easier to see the structure of the heart on X-ray.

An X-ray movie is taken of how the blood flows and pumps through the heart and coronary arteries. This helps doctors detect a blockage, tear or damaged area of the heart that may be causing problems.

For patients with suspected blockages, perforation or abnormalities of the heart, Florida Hospital offers the most advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic procedure. See if you qualify for left heart ventricular angiography. Schedule a screening appointment today.

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