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Laser Surgery

Why Choose Florida Hospital?

Laser surgery is a cutting-edge medical technology that uses a narrow beam of intense light to perform numerous surgical procedures. This minimally invasive surgery can be used to treat different types of skin cancer, smooth scars, decrease sunspots, remove moles, tattoos and tumors, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and many other types of treatments. The most common lasers are carbon dioxide laser, YAG laser, argon laser, alexandrite laser, KTP, and pulsed dye laser. Doctors at Florida Hospital are specialized in performing laser surgery using different types of lasers and are trained to detect if a patient requires this type of surgery to treat skin conditions, various cancers, and other disorders. Call Florida Hospital today to find out if laser surgery is an option for you.       

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Laser surgery is a noninvasive surgery using a specific beam of light to remove a tumor, wart, lesion, mole, scar, tattoo, and/or wrinkles. This type of surgery may also be used to treat various skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). 
For the most part, tumor burning is made possible with laser surgery. Through inserting this laser device inside an endoscope, a surgeon may enhance their surgical techniques to reduce complications involving invasive surgical procedures. Laser surgery has been reliable in removing tumors all types, though malignant melanoma cases may vary due to the seriousness of this skin cancer. Further examination is required to determine if laser technology is the best surgical option in treating cancer.     
Because laser surgery projects a precise beam of light on a specific region, this laser treatment or therapy may decrease recovery time. Patients are advised to speak with a specialist to request literature that explores laser surgery as a treatment option. 
If laser surgery is selected as a desired treatment option, call Florida Hospital to schedule an appointment with a doctor to ask questions about planning a future surgical procedure using this laser technology.  

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